What is Glam Girls and what do we do?

Here at Glam Girls we provide spa services as well as host parties for little kids. We also specialize in catering to young children and making their visit as memorable as possible.

Are your services genuine?

Our services are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY. No professional services or products will be used or be performed on the children.

Is there an age requirement to treat kids?

Yes. We ask all our guest to be between the ages of 4-12 to ensure they get the most out of their visit.

Is each child/guest, required to have a completed/signed waiver?

For safety purposes, every guest who enters our location must have a completed waiver.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome.

What type of safety instruction is provided?

We pride ourselves on safety. To help prevent injuries, we go over a few rules before each play date/ party.

Play Dates/Appointments

Are the tools used sanitary?

All the equipment used is disinfected after each visit.

Birthday Party

How long are the parties at Glam Girls?

Depending on the party package you purchase, the party duration can last from 1 ½ to 2 hours (please see party packages for additional information). However, an additional 30 minutes can be added for a cost of $45.

Can I bring outside food to the party?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any outside food inside our location, with the exception of cupcakes/ cake. However you may add an extra-large pizza to your party for just $15.

Do you provide goody bags for the guest?

No, but you are more than welcome to bring them for your guest and hand them out at the end of the party.

Can we open gifts during the party?

Yes, we do allow gift opening at the end of the party; although it does limit the time of the tea party.  

During parties, how many adults are allowed at the location?

Due to the limited space in our location, we allow one parent per child. This allows for the parents to comfortably enjoy the party along with their children.